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Body Sculpting

North Jersey Bariatrics is pleased to announce a comprehensive line of body sculpting treatments to help you get the body you always wanted!


Tone your muscles without the gym or sweat.

CoolTone is a brand new body sculpting treatment by Allergan, the maker of CoolSculpting®. CoolTone™ can help you build new muscle without any trips to the gym, sweat, or downtime. With CoolTone™, you can achieve a more toned appearance in your abdomen, buttocks, and thighs.

CoolTone™ Treatment

During a CoolTone™ treatment, one of our medical experts will apply the CoolTone™ device to your areas of concern. Through magnetic muscle stimulation, CoolTone™ will penetrate into your muscle layers and induce muscle contractions. Your body will respond to these contractions by strengthening its muscle fibers and create greater tone and definition. While the number of treatments you will need will depend on your body shape, lifestyle habits, exercise routine, and desired results, most patients receive anywhere from 4 to 12 treatments.

Benefits of CoolTone™

CoolTone's™ Magnetic Muscle Stimulation, or MMS technology, penetrates through the skin and fat layers to target only the muscle layer, inducing involuntary muscle contractions.

Patients treated with CoolTone™ often see:

  • Strengthened Muscles - The body's response to these contractions is to strengthen its muscle fibers, resulting in improved muscle conditioning.
  • Great Results - After treatments, abdomen, buttocks, and thighs are firmer and have a more defined and toned appearance.


CoolSculpting® is a non-invasive alternative to Liposuction, reducing fat and sculpting muscular definition, all without surgery or downtime. This revolutionary body contouring treatment uses controlled cooling to freeze away unwanted fat, providing long-lasting, natural-looking results. FDA cleared and scientifically proven, CoolSculpting® is intended for healthy adults who struggle with stubborn fat pockets, despite maintaining a healthy diet and regular exercise. Popular treatment areas include belly fat, love handles, double chins, and the muffin-top area. Nicknamed "lunchtime lipo" the Cool Sculpting procedure is typically 35 minutes long, painless, and patients can return to their regular activities immediately after their appointment.

Benefits of CoolSculpting®

  • #1 Non-invasive fat reduction treatment in the world
  • Reduce stubborn fat deposits
  • A non-surgical alternative for liposuction
  • Results look natural and last
  • Fast, painless, and no downtime
  • Define musculature & sculpt attractive contours
  • FDA cleared and clinically proven
  • Look better & feel more confident

How Does CoolSculpting&Reg; Work?

CoolSculpting® eliminates fat cells by essentially freezing them to death. Scientifically known as cryolipolysis ("cryo" meaning cold, "lipo" meaning fat, and "lysis" meaning cell death,) CoolSculpting® subjects stubborn fat bulges to precisely controlled cooling, which freezes subcutaneous fat cells without harming the overlying skin or surrounding tissue.1 Once fat cells are frozen, they undergo the natural process of cell death and elimination known as apoptosis. During apoptosis, the lymphatic system gathers up the damaged fat cells from the treatment area and processes them out of the body.2 once fat cells are excreted as waste, they cannot grow back, leading to long-lasting fat reduction.3

My Cool Diet is an exciting new weight-loss program that uses CoolSculpting® and a combination of nutritional counseling, a food elimination diet, and weight loss medication to foster long-term and safe weight reduction. You will meet with a medical professional who will prescribe you a customized plan of action tailored to your body.

How it Works

Your body has a fixed number of fat cells that get bigger or smaller as you gain or lose weight. When you undergo a CoolSculpting® treatment, fat cells freeze and gradually begin to die off. When we combine it with our My Cool Diet program, you are not only killing the fat cells we treated with CoolSculpting®, but we are supplementing your bodies metabolism to lose additional weight for good.

Non-invasive applicators deliver precisely controlled cooling to the desired area to specifically target underlying fat, leaving surface skin and other surrounding tissue unaffected.

Over the next 1-4 months, other healthy cells will consume the dead fat cells, which are eliminated naturally from the body and you are on your way to a new you!

CoolSculpting® results are long term because treated fat cells are gone, leaving a more sculpted you.

Anti Aging / Cosmetic Treatments

North Jersey Bariatrics is pleased to announce a comprehensive line of anti-aging treatments to ensure you are feeling and looking your best inside and out.

The i-Lipo is the latest innovation in non-surgical, non-invasive laser lipolysis. It incorporates low level laser technology to deliver targeted fat reduction and body shaping results, free of pain. i-Lipo stimulates fat cells to naturally break down their stored triglycerides, shrinking the cells and therefore providing immediate body contouring results. i-Lipo is the first direct skin contact laser device designed for fat reduction and body contouring to receive FDA approval for circumferential reduction.

North Jersey Bariatrics offers a full service of anti aging products designed to help you feel younger and reverse the signs of aging.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a procedure that is used by celebrities both to eliminate wrinkles and fine lines and create a naturally younger appearance as well as to stop hair loss and recruit new hairs to grow back thicker and stronger. The procedure involves withdrawing a patient's own blood, isolating the platelet rich plasma or (prp) rich in growth factors and then re-injecting with a very small needle (almost no pain) to activate multi potent stem cells that develop into new collagen, and new blood vessels which ultimately results in younger appearing skin and/or thicker, stronger hair. Patients after (PRP) in the face notice their skin rejuvenated, lifted, tightened and glowing as if they have had a non surgical face lift. Patient's with (PRP) for hair loss look like they have had a hair transplant. The effects of the procedure improve over 2-3 months and can last for one to two years.

IV Rejuvenating Super Treatments

It has been well documented that our bodies are under assault from external environmental factors that cause inflammation and oxidative stress. Everything from nutrient poor food to over scheduled calendars elevates stress response. This toxic burden hinders the body's ability to properly absorb essential vitamins and minerals. When nutrients are delivered to the body intravenously in a simple 30 min to 1 hour treatment, they bypass the digestive system and head to the bloodstream and organs. This allows for faster delivery, better absorption and improved bioavailability over tablets, topical creams or liquid formulas.

Benefits of Treatments:

  • Boosts Energy and Increases Metabolism
  • Detoxifies the body and Expedites Weight Loss
  • Offset Seasonal Affect Disorder, and depression
  • Enhances the immune system and Help prevent illness
  • Combats chronic fatigue and Improves hydration
  • Reverses symptoms of malnutrition
  • Anti-aging and Enhanced Cosmetic Appearance

The Perfection Laser is an FDA approved class 2 medical device that provides a safe and effective anti-aging treatment for the face and neck. It uses dual infra-red light and heat to penetrate deep into the skin delivering precise doses of energy to simultaneously repair collagen while erasing the signs of aging. The heat enhances circulation delivering nutrients and growth factors to the skin to reduce inflammation and improve the appearance of age spots or dark spots on the face and neck. The Perfection Laser is safe to use for all skin types and for clients of all ages.

Botox is the first and only FDA approved product to temporarily improve moderate to severe frown lines between the brows and crow's feet lines around the sides of the eyes. Aging skin and wrinkles result from a combination of many factors. It is not just about cellular changes, collagen depletion, hormone loss, or damage caused by free radicals. The 11's, are vertical lines that appear between your brows and result from muscle contractions. When you concentrate, squint or frown, the muscles between your brows contract, causing your skin to furrow and fold. After years of frequent contraction, those wrinkles can linger even after the muscles are at rest. Botox is a non-surgical treatment that is injected directly into the muscles to reduce its activity. The effect continues to improve for up to 30 days and can last for up to 4 months.

Juvederm is an FDA approved filler that is indicated for the correction of moderate to severe facial folds or to plump up the lips. It is an injectable gel treatment that is customizable to ensure smooth, natural looking results that can treat parentheses lines on the sides of your nose, smooth out facial folds or even enhance and plump lips for up to one year with just one treatment.