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Financing and Insurance

If you try to call your insurance company asking for bariatric surgery coverage, you may get a different answer every time you call. Due to the increasing popularity and demand for Bariatric Surgery, most insurance companies look for any reason to deny coverage. In fact, some policies will specifically exclude Bariatric Surgery from their plan.

This is why we prefer to have our insurance specialists, with over 20 years combined experience contact providers on your behalf. Our insurance specialists know how to navigate the insurance system, and will guide you through the entire process in order to avoid confusion, delays or denials.

Almost all insurance companies will want documentation of previous weight loss attempts whether it is from your doctor's office or through a supervised program like Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig. Call your doctor's office and obtain your medical records that have your weight documented. Obtain records from any specialist you may have seen such as your gynecologist, or orthopedic surgeon. Some insurance companies require 6 months of a medically supervised weight loss program prior to your surgery, so documentation is essential. Interestingly enough, there is no evidence in the literature that preoperative medically supervised diets have any beneficial impact on the success of your surgery. The insurance company, however; is counting on you getting frustrated and giving up. Don't let them be right. The more information you have, the better.

Once you have decided on surgery, schedule your appointment with the surgeon and let our insurance specialist verify your benefits. We offer no obligation consultations, so you have nothing to lose. If you don't have insurance or have an exclusion, there are many different options for payment including financing plans.

Remember that this surgery can be lifesaving! Whatever work you may have to do now will more than be worth it in the long run.