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Take It Off & Keep It Off Club

Enroll in our Take It Off & Keep It Off club! You made a major step in your life deciding on weight loss surgery. It is our promise that we will walk with you on your path to healthier lifestyle with 24/7 support. We are here to offer guidance, assistance and support. We are on the same team and here to be your coach to knock out Diabetes, Hypertension, Sleep Apnea, High Cholesterol and any conditions that keep you from enjoying a healthier lifestyle. You will be the winner and champion and successful in every round! Our premier bariatric practice has a comprehensive follow up program. Your follow up is equal to, if not more important than surgery itself.

What does this club include?

  • Body Composition: provides in-depth analysis of the percentage of both total body fat and visceral fat as well as percent water and fat-free mass. Why Measure Body Fat?
  • RMR (resting metabolic rate): By measuring your resting metabolic rate, we can get a more precise assessment of how much energy (or fuel) your body burns in a day. We can therefore determine how many calories you need to consume to either lose or maintain your weight. It can be done right in our office in just 10 minutes and then syncs to our mobile App, giving you 24/7 customized support to reach your personal goals. Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) Testing
  • APP: Our exclusive App allows you to track your food, exercise, and weight as well as set reminders for daily vitamins and water intake. Based on foods you like, The App will help guide and advise you on ways to stay on track and reach your nutritional and weight loss/maintenance goals. You will then receive personalized messages and feedback from our experts to continue reinforcing and updating your plan.

What is the cost?

A year membership is $120 or $15 per month if prefer to pay on month-to-month basis. We will give you a free body composition analysis when you sign-up.

How do I register?

To register, patients can call 201-530-1905 (English) or 201-530-1906 (Spanish) or order online.