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ORBERA® Gastric Balloon

ORBERA® is a weight loss balloon designed to help with portion control and ultimately improve weight loss. The technology and design of the balloon helps patients lose up to 3x the weight of diet and exercise alone. The Orbera balloon was approved by the FDA in August, 2015.

ORBERA® is a durable gastric balloon made out of soft silicone. While in your stomach for six months it encourages your body to adapt to healthier behaviors by taking up enough space in your stomach to help you adapt to healthier portion sizes.

The ORBERA® is placed into the stomach in a simple, non-surgical endoscopic outpatient procedure. The deflated gastric balloon is inserted through the esophagus and into your stomach. Once the balloon has been filled with saline it is about the size of a grapefruit. The entire procedure takes about 20-30 minutes. The removal of the balloons is very similar to the insertion. The balloons are first deflated, then gently removed together through the mouth (endoscopically).

Frequently Asked Questions

How is ORBERA® different from other gastric balloons?
Over the past 20 years, ORBERA® has become the #1 weight loss balloon in the world and is the only one recognized by the ASGE for its safety and effectiveness. No other FDA-approved gastric balloon has shown more weight loss during their US clinical studies.

How much weight can I lose with the ORBERA® balloon?
It is important for you to understand that the balloon is a tool to aid weight loss and must be used in conjunction with diet, exercise, and a behavior modification program. The amount of weight you lose and maintain will depend on how closely you follow your diet and adopt long-term lifestyle changes. The ORBERA® clinical study has shown that weight loss varies from person to person. On average, patients lost 3.1x the weight of those that were on a diet and exercise program alone. In the US clinical study patients lost an average of 21.8 lbs.

What side effects can occur?
In the first few days after placement, you may experience nausea or vomiting. In some patients it may last up to one to two weeks. Your Specialist will work with you to prescribe medication that will proactively manage these symptoms and help you adjust to the balloon.

What happens if the ORBERA® balloon leaks or deflates?
A balloon deflation or leak is a very rare event. However, if the balloon should spontaneously deflate, you may no longer feel full after eating. If you suspect this may be the case, notify your Specialist immediately. A simple abdominal x-ray can determine whether either has occurred. If it has, your Specialist will arrange to remove the deflated balloon.

Will I gain the weight back after the balloon is removed?
Published clinical studies of ORBERA® have shown that, provided you keep to the prescribed diet and exercise regime, you will maintain weight loss through dieting post-removal. So, if you stick to your new, healthy lifestyle you will be well on the way to maintaining your weight loss.