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Success Stories

I met Dr Vaimakis for the first time at her seminar back in April 08. She is the nicest person you can meet. I came to her office with a 2 page list and she answered all my questions and concerns. I felt so comfortable with her and her staff, that I did not think twice of not having her as my surgeon. I had the surgery in June 08, and everything she explained that would happen, happened. there were no surprises. When I called her office, the staff was great. They would call me back with answers from my insurance benefits (Sandra) to hospital questions (Stella) to making appointments (Lilly) and billing questions (Thomas). My whole experience was and is great and would recommend her at a heart beat.
-Elene H.

Dr Vaimakis is very good at her work and her personality is top notch. I had to have my surgery postponed while I was in her office and she told me in the least painful way and was very compassionate and caring at the same time. She stayed with me when I was being put to sleep since I was nervous and scared. She when I called to make sure my surgery was still on after hours she returned my page with in 5 minutes and it didn't bother her that I was calling to make sure my surgery was a go. About 10 months after banding, I was having worsening abdominal pains. My GI at the time could not figure out what it was and didn't think it was my gallbladder since I had no stones and even suggested it was in my head or was the band. Dr Vaimakis right away send me for a nuclear scan which would tell her if it was my gallbladder. My Gallbladder was only working 11.7% of the time when the norm is over 35%. She explained everything and worked with me NEVER thinking it was in my head and always giving me support. I have been hospitalized since my gallbladder for generalized abdominal pain even though it was mostly dehydration but they needed a better diagnosis. I found out that I could not ask for a doctor to come see me my admitting or primary doctor had to request a consult. I called her office to advise her of my situation. She said she'd try to come to see me. even though it was after 5pm, (I thought she wouldn't come) She surprised me by coming in. She has treated me with the caring and compassion that I have never expected from a doctor let alone a surgeon. I have and will forever recommended her to others. She will always be a part of my life.
-Keydi B.

Three years and eight months ago I meet Dr. Vaimakis, my wife is a er nurse and the doctor came highly recommended. I was 385 lbs. And a police officer for 14 years, I found it very difficult to function in my job, it was time to change things. I had the lap-band and within a year I was 100 lbs. Smaller, I am now 256 lbs. Last year I was promoted and am now the dept training officer, and I look good in a uniform now. I am not going to start to answer the questions to the left, one thing I can tell you the doc is family to me now, and I will do anything for her if she needed it. I have two other doctors that keep me on the straight and narrow, but Stefanie (I can call her that because I'm older) changed my life and enabled me to move ahead in my career in law enforcement and there are no words to express my feeling for Dr. Stefanie Vaimakis a true professional in her field and a friend, and I don't have many friends. I would highly recommend anyone who is down in the dumps about their weight to give her a call. And that's a wrap.
-Gene C.

I am 3 months post op., and lost a total of 30 lbs. and counting. "Slow is good" says Dr. Vaimakis. I trust her. I have two very good friends who also had surgery with Dr. Vaimakis and their weight loss is unbelievable. They said this is the best Doctor in NJ and if I was truly interested in losing the weight that I have tried to lose my whole entire life with honestly no results, than this doctor is the answer to my prayers. I can honestly say I have never been so happy and healthier in my life. Dr. Vaimakis is very thorough in explaining all procedures and process of the surgery. The office staff is extremely professional and caring. This was the best life changing decision I made. No Regrets!!!
-Marisol A.

The first time I met Dr. Vaimakis was at an informational seminar. I was impressed with her thoroughness and willingness to listen and answer all questions posed to her. Following the seminar, I made an appointment to meet with Dr. Vaimakis to discuss what options I had and which surgery would be best suited for me. She took her time in describing everything, telling me what medical clearances I would need, answered all my questions, and explained what risks were involved, including how situations would be handled in the unlikely event something did happen. I found Dr. Vaimakis to be very warm, friendly, open and committed to making sure her patient's needs were met, as well as putting their health concerns as a top priority. She made herself available to answer any further questions I had-even to the point of answering emails I sent (and she responded that same day). She also came in early one day so that I wouldn't have to miss any more work when I needed to meet with her to sign my consents. One thing that Dr. Vaimakis' office did was provide me with a link about gastric band surgery which I was able to share with my friends and family-and they were grateful to have that opportunity to see what I would be going through. It answered a lot of their questions, and helped them to understand what kind of support I would need from them to help me be successful. In the hospital, prior to my surgery, Dr. Vaimakis checked to make sure I was doing okay and that I didn't have any other questions. She has a great smile which can really be comforting when you're nervous, and her bedside manner further showed her warmth as a person. After my operation, while in the hospital, the nurses would frequently check the incision sites. All of the nurses (and I mean all of them) commented on how neat Dr. Vaimakis' work was. I had several of the nurses comment that they would recommend Dr. Vaimakis if they knew someone who needed lap band surgery. That spoke volumes to me, that professionals in the medical profession had such a high opinion of my surgeon. Many of the doctor's I saw pre-op for clearances had that same opinion, that Dr. Vaimakis is excellent in her field and they would recommend her. One of the aspects that Dr. Vaimakis encourages is aftercare, including giving information about support group meetings, suggesting using this website, and stressing that working with her to ensure I had the proper fills would give me the best chance of success-and she would be there every step of the way. As for the office staff, I can't begin to express how awesome they were in assisting me with getting through all the pre-op stuff. Sandra handled all the insurance matters-she told me what I needed, she worked to help me get the documents, and she stayed on top of the process. I believe it was four days after she submitted my request that we got the approval! Whenever I called to speak with Sandra, she was friendly and encouraging, and I truly felt like she was in my corner (as was everyone at Dr. Vaimakis' office!). And Stella, well, I don't know how I would have kept it all straight and got everything done so quickly without her help. She made appointments for me, she pursued the doctors to get their clearances, she explained to me when things came up in my testing (which required further testing). Everyone I dealt with always returned my calls or emails quickly, and that impressed me a great deal. It made me feel that they were on top of things and taking care of everything I needed. I highly recommend Dr. Vaimakis and her staff for anyone wanting surgery. Their thoroughness coupled with their ability to get things done quickly really amazed me. They are truly caring and compassionate, and their support meant so much as I went through the process. I also feel like they have prepared me for what I can expect going forward, and if I need any help, I can go to them and they will do whatever they can. There really is nothing "negative" I can say about my experience. Two thumbs up for Dr. Vaimakis and her staff!
-Dorie S.

I feel as I was was reborn the day I met Dr. Vaimakis as she has changed my life to the better. Dr. Vaimakis guided me through my surgery from our first meeting making me feel at ease. When I would call to ask questions she was always there for me never making me feel that she was to busy to spend time on the telephone or in her office. She even offered to come into the office when her office was closed to check my band and always returns telephone calls immediately. My weight loss was a great experience because of Dr. Vaimakis made me feel so good about myself as she still does every time I go to see her.
-Laura S.