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Post-Op Exercise Managing Stress Support


SupportAfter Surgery, it is very common for patients to experience a slight to significant sense of depression. "Why did I do this?", "How did I let myself get to this point?" as well as second thoughts or feelings of regret. "I should have never done this!" These feelings are usually temporary and after the first post op visit once you realize the success you have had with weight loss will go away!

Support Group

Our surgeons suggest attending a support group after surgery. Support Groups are a great way to share common experiences, meet new friends, and problem solve together.

Remember there are so many of you out there, experiencing and feeling the exact same way. You are not alone! Some patients feel more comfortable with chatting on line. There are a number of web sites that offer chats. Be extremely wary of people giving you hints on how to cheat. These are destructive tips that will NOT help you.

In addition, we like to try to get our patients together in a type of buddy system. This can encourage participation in events like exercise or attendance at support groups. Successful patients love to tell their story and love to help others to achieve their goals. If you are interested, call the office and we will be happy to find you a buddy!

The most important thing to remember is to reach out if you feel you are struggling or not doing well. Call the office immediately and set up an appointment to discuss your concerns with the surgeon. Often times there is a simple solution to get you back on track. The surgeon, nutritionist, psychologist and exercise specialist are all here to help you. Take advantage of all and see how much you can benefit from their knowledge.

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